Climbing Mount Kinabalu :What You Need To Pack

Are planning on climbing Mount Kinabalu (MBK)? Have you always wanted to climb the highest mountain in Malaysia? If yes, then Mount Kinabalu  is one place you should visit. The adventure begins at Lebuh Pantai Dalam near Kota Kinabalu city. From here, you’ll board the coach and head towards Kota Belud. After passing through Tambunan village, you reach Gunung Api or Mt. Sinabung. Your next stop? Gombak town where you get off the bus. At around 4 pm, you arrive at the base camp area. Now, you’ll trek along the Taman Negara Forest Trail to reach Bukit Tabur. This is going to be your toughest day. Not only you’ll be climbing steep trails and carrying heavy loads, but also facing extreme weather conditions such as high altitude, strong winds and snowstorms in the winter season. What will you pack? Let’s take a look!

Sunhat and sunscreen

You might not feel warm while waiting for the transport from Kota Kinabalu to Lebuh Pantai, but once you’re on top of the mountain, it gets very cold, especially during nighttime. So if you don’t have good sunblock, you better bring yours with you. Also, make sure that you put some sunscreen lotion on your face and neck as well because these parts are more exposed to direct sunlight than others.

Water bottle and snacks                                                                                             Climbing Mount Kinabalu :What You Need To Pack

When you are climbing Mount Kinabalu you won’t have access to water source except bottled water given by your guide. Therefore, having a good amount of clean water would help you survive until you reach the summit. Snacks like energy bars and instant noodles can come in handy too.

Proper shoes and socks

Although there are paths made for tourists, we wouldn’t recommend you wear flip-flops as they may cause blisters and cuts. In addition, bring proper hiking shoes like sneakers since there are lots of rocks on the way up and down. Bring thick socks as well so you could avoid getting chilblains when you are climbing Mount Kinabalu.

Warm jacket and gloves

If you came unprepared, you could suffer from extreme temperatures. A light jacket and gloves are essential items to keep yourself comfortable. It doesn’t hurt to grab a few extra pairs just in case you need them.

Camera and other gadgets

For those who love snapping photos, bring your camera gear including lens/flash and memory cards. Don’t forget to charge all electronic devices before starting the trip.


Bring any prescribed drugs such as antibiotics and painkillers since you may encounter diarrhoea or stomachache due to changes in diet and drinking habits.

Money and personal documents

Make sure you carry enough cash with you. And do not forget to bring important documents like a passport and insurance papers.

Extra clothes and toiletries

If you didn’t bring any, don’t worry because there are plenty of stores selling souvenirs along the path. But packing extra outfits can never go wrong. Just in case you’re caught without anything, try to find locals to borrow their spare clothes.

Sleeping bag

Even though you won’t sleep overnight on the top of the mountain but bringing a sleeping bag could still be useful. As mentioned earlier, you’ll be spending quite long hours on the trail. Having something to rest your body would be great plus less chance of getting sick.

Guidebook and map

Before you left home, make sure you already read the guidebook and familiarize yourself with maps This will save you time when you get lost.

Sunglasses and sunscreen lotion

Since you’re going to be outside most of the day, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion are an absolute must. There are also times when it starts raining which can ruin everything so pack both of them.

First aid kit

Lastly, make sure you have basic medical supplies such as bandages, antiseptic cream, aspirin and antihistamine in case you get sick or injured.

Important phone numbers

We advise you to bring your smartphone or tablet with you. Because even if you succeed capturing breathtaking views, you still cannot enjoy watching your favorite shows or listening to music without being connected.

The Bottom Line.

There’s no denying that climbing Mt. Kinabalu is one of the best adventures you can ever experience in Bali. Aside from enjoying the beauty of nature, you’ll learn more about Balinese culture while trekking through the mountains. With this list, hopefully these will help you prepare and take notes prior to embarking on your climb.