<h1>Preparations for Climbing Mount Kinabalu</h1>
As a scout once, I still follow their motto of “Be Prepared”. Here I will list what you will need before the trip and how to prepare yourself for Mount Kinabalu. Don’t forget to also read my <a href=”#”>Mount Kinabalu Safety Guidelines</a>.
<h3>Physical Items Preparation</h3>
1. Water – One large bottle is usually enough. You can refill when you reach the rest points.

2. Light Clothing – Wear light clothes and bring only necessary clothes along.

3. Bag – A small &amp; light one to keep your stuff like slippers, lipstick and candies.

4. Digital Camera – You will want to keep such memories forever.

5. Walking Stick/Pole/Tongkat – Many climbers like to have an extra leg.

6. Gloves – It’ll be freezing during the night climb. And it’s good for the rope session.

7. Jackets, Sweater &amp; Raincoats – It’s winter again (5 degree Celcius at the peak) and it might rain. Most climbers wear a few layers. Disposable raincoats and ponchos are also good.

8. Food – Bring some of your favourite snack, energy bars, in case you get hungry.

9. Muscle Relief &amp; Rubs – Apply heat rubs before &amp; after each long rest. For me, Counter Pain helps after long climbs. Ointments are useful for relieve and insect bites.

10. Jungle Trekking Shoes, but we recommend “Adidas Kampong” – this is the nickname for a magical pair of rubber shoes that will give you the same climbing shoe grip &amp; traction of Kinabalu porters. (Unfortunately, nothing beats their strength and stamina.) These shoes can be easily obtained in Sabah and inexpensive.

11. Head Light – You’ll need this for the night climbing session. Night vision gears are useful too, only if they are not too heavy.

12. Face Mask – It can be quite windy when we are closer to the peak. Get one that can protect your ears, nose and mouth.

13. Extra Stockings/Socks – You just might need it. The thicker the better.

14. Extra Clothes – Change into these when you get all wet or sweaty, or for whatever reason.

15. Knee &amp; Ankle Guard – If you have knee or ankle problems, these are helpful. Good for protection too.

16. Medicine &amp; First Aid – A First Aid kit in a team is good. Don’t forget your personal medicines if any. Can keep some Panadols, Antihistamines, etc. Do let your me know if you’re allergic to certain things or food.

17. Personal Needs – Whatever that’s necessary and keeps you going, bring it along.

<h3>Body &amp; Mind Preparation</h3>
1. Willpower – this means “I can go on! I am just tired, but I can go on!”

2. Stamina – Training helps. Seriously. Start by hiking or climbing your local hills.

3. Perseverance – this means you will follow through every footstep until the very end because you know you will reach Low’s Peak.

4. Right Attitude – Stay focused on the trip and be courteous to all your team mates. You never know when you might need someone’s help.

5. Energy – you need energy like an Energizer bunny. So don’t do anything too energetic before the trip. Take lots of protein + carbohidrate at least one week before the trip, but don’t over-eat.

6. Health – Do take care of your health before the trip by eating the right food and taking enough vitamins, fruits and vegetables. If you have any health difficulties, please first seek your doctor’s advice.
<h3>Team Preparation</h3>
I usually encourage this:

1. Team Leader – you need a team leader or someone who will be responsible for everyone on the team.

2. Team Mates – people whom you can trust and people whom can give you their support so that you will reach the top!
<h3>Bookings &amp; Reservation</h3>
It is important to make an early booking of your visit as Sabah Parks enforces a limited number of visitors per day. The same applies for the park’s compulsary accommodation (e.g. Laban Rata Resthouse).

So just make an early reservation by <a href=”#”>informing Jackz Lee</a>!