Mount Kinabalu Trails Map

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Mount Kinabalu Trails Map, your comprehensive guide to navigating the diverse trails of this iconic peak in Borneo. Whether you seek challenging climbs or serene walks, this map ensures you explore Mount Kinabalu’s breathtaking landscapes and biodiversity while navigating its trails with confidence. Get ready for an adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Mount Kinabalu Trail Conditions

Found that old backpack? Now spend some time to understand where you are headed. There are 2 popular trails that you can choose to start the climb at Mount Kinabalu. The trails are:

Timpohon Trail

Distance: 4.0 km to junction (+ 4.7km to the summit of Mount Kinabalu)
Condition: 88% ascending, 4% descending, 8% flat land
Trail Conditions: Jungle tracks and Borneo Ironwood Staircases till junction (Layang-Layang Shelter)
Shelters: Kandis Shelter (KM1.0), Ubah Shelter (KM1.5), Lowii Shelter (KM2.4), Mempening Shelter (3.1KM), Layang-layang Shelter (KM4.0, near to Junction)
Water Source (untreated Mountain Water) and Restrooms: Nearby every shelter

Mesilau Trail

Distance: 6.2km to the junction (+ 4.7km to the summit of Mount Kinabalu)
Condition(from GPS Garmin 60C Sx): 64.5%ascending, 30.5%descending, 5%flat land
Trail Conditions: Jungle tracks, Borneo Ironwood Staircases, Rock Slabs, till junction (Layang-layang shelter)
Shelter: Schima Shelter(KM1.0), Bamboo Shelter(KM1.7), Nepenthes Shelter(KM2.9), Tikalod Shelter(KM3.8), Lompoyou Shelter(KM4.9km), Magnolia Shelter(KM5.7km)
Water Source (untreated Mountain Water) and Restrooms: Nearby every shelter
After that, both trails connect and is lead to this final trail:

Summit Trail

Meeting point of Mesilau and Timpohon trails or junction to the summit of Mount Kinabalu- 4.7KM
Distance: 2KM to Laban Rata+ 2.7KM to the summit
Condition: 90% ascending + 10% flat land
Trail Condition: Rock Slabs, Borneo Ironwood Staircases, Rocky Surface (after Alpine Forest and above)
Shelters: Villosa Shelter(KM4.9), Paka Shelter (KM5.4), Waras hut(KM5.9), Burlington
Hut(KM5.95), Laban Rata(KM6.0), Gunting Langadan Hut(KM6.2KM), Sayat-sayat Hut(KM7.1)
Water Point (untreated Mountain Water) and Toilet: Nearby every shelter, Waras Hut, Laban Rata, Gunting Langadan Hut, Sayat-sayat Hut or Check Points
Now whether you fully understand the trail conditions or not, it doesn’t matter because whatever the trail conditions are, only with good teamwork we can make it to the top of Mt Kinabalu!.