What You Need To Know Before You Hike Mount Kinabalu

Before you Hike Mount Kinabalu, there are a few things that you need to know. By knowing these things you will see that your hike up the mountain will be made easier. Also, you will see that you will be less surprised by the people as well as the things that you will see along the way.

It’s Not A day trip

The first thing that you need to know before you hike up the mountain is that it is not a one-day hike. That being said make sure that you pack overnight supplies as you will be forced to rest over the night.

What You Need To Know Before You Hike Mount Kinabalu


    Carry Money

You read clearly that it is not a one-day hike right? That being said make sure that you carry money for you to be able to stay over at the houses and lodges overnight. And yes, these places are located on the mountain, almost halfway up the mountain to be exact. There are several areas where you can lay your head for the night and have a good rest.

    You Will Be Up Early For Day 2

Should you begin your hike early enough on day one, you will be able to get a place to sleep before you make the second leg of the journey. Also, your day 2 hike will begin at 2 am. Yes, you read that right at 2 am and sometimes even earlier. Therefore, you will have to put a hike to playing online casino games for the night and get a good rest.

There Are Porters On The Way

We mentioned that there are lodges and houses and huts on the mountain and these places need to have supplies. Therefore, as you go hike Mount Kinabalu be prepared to meet porters along the way. These are men who will be carrying water, mattresses and other supplies up to the lodges.

You May Get Sick Along The Way

The completely heightened Mount Kinabalu is over 4 000 metres, and there have been cases where people got altitude sickness. Your body will need to adjust to heights of over 3200m above the ground. You may get headaches and even nosebleeds, but this usually stops as soon as you have eaten and had some rest as well.

Don’t Give up.

The hike up Mount Kinabalu is not one for those who are faint at heart. There are slopes and corners and a lot of steps that you will have to climb. Also, there are very steep places where you will need to use a rope to climb up. Therefore, it is a test of resilience and endurance.

It’s cold at the Top

Make sure that you carry something warm on your way up as it can be very cold when you reach the top. However, trust us, it is one experience that we know you will never be able to forget. And if you love pictures, then we are sure that this is one place where you will want to make sure to capture every moment.

It’s worth it

If you are wondering why you should take the long hike up Mount Kinabalu, we hope that this article has given you an answer. We hope that we have convinced you into taking the hike up the mountain so that you can enjoy the amazing views as well as the experiences that come with climbing the highest peak in Sabah.

Hiking In High Altitude Is Dangerous

Altitude sickness is a condition that occurs because of low oxygen levels in the blood and lungs. This makes breathing difficult or impossible, which means that the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen. If left untreated, altitude sickness can cause serious health problems such as coma and death.

You Must Have A Guide

This article was meant to provide you with information on what to expect as you walk up Mount Kinabalu. But before you start hiking, make sure that you hire a guide who knows the terrain and how to avoid dangerous situations.

Final Thoughts.

Mount Kinabalu is the highest point in Sabah, Malaysia, and also the most popular peak among tourists. It is located in Taman Negara National Park, approximately three hours from Kota Kinabalu by bus. The hike itself takes several days, during which visitors must stay overnight at various accommodation facilities.