Mount Kinabalu Mountain Guides

I have personally hand-picked some of the best mountain guides to join my team! They are mostly natives of Kundasang, a town just beside Mount Kinabalu. These natives are known as “Dusun,” and their life and culture are simple, friendly, and welcoming. The modern natives of Mt. Kinabalu live in foothills and valleys where the majority of their families earn their living through farming and selling vegetables from their land, builders at construction sites, and simple jobs in shops, resorts, plantations, and vegetable markets. Many have also gone to find better opportunities in Kota Kinabalu city, where I have so often heard that the elders from the city still send money to their families and relatives in Kundasang!

Amazingly, there are some of those who are destined to stay with their closely-knit families in Kundasang and thrive to make a difference as Porters and Mountain Guides of Mount Kinabalu! Over the years, I have been able to befriend many of them, gaining their trust and support while offering my climbers safer and steadier climbs with their help as mountain guides.



A Picture of two Men and Woman wearing Jackets on Top of a Mountain
Mount Kinabalu Mountain Guides

Why Choose Mountain Guides?

Thumbs up to those who have conquered Mt. Kinabalu! Anyone can climb and reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu as long as they have the perseverance, patience, and willpower to challenge the impossible! If we have done it so many times, so can you!