Mount Kinabalu, located in Malaysia, is the highest mountain in the country. In addition, it offers families and friends one of the best places to get away for a vacation. But to enjoy your stay here, you want to make sure that you have one of the best places to stay when you are here. That is why we have places that we think you want to consider. As well as other things that you want to consider when you are looking for a place to stay.

Choosing a Place to stay at  Mount Kinabalu                                            Best places to Stay at on Mount Kinabalu

While many people visit Mount Kinabalu for the hike, there is still a lot more than you can do when you are there. Therefore, use the following checklist when you are looking for a place to stay.

1. Number of People

When looking for a place to stay, you need to consider how many people you are going to be staying with. Will it just be you, and your family, or just you and a few friends? By knowing the number of people, you can easily look for an ideal place to stay.

2. Budget

Then you need to factor in the budget. How much are you willing to spend? This will then be the deciding factor in deciding whether you want to stay at a lodge, a hotel, or a self-catering house. 

3. Age range

The age range is also something that you need to consider. This is especially true if you are travelling with your family. You want a place where, even as you relax and enjoy your online casino games, you can leave your kids knowing that they will be safe.

4. Activities

Are you there for the hike, the national park, or the other activities that are on offer? This is because there are some places that you may stay at for your hike and some that you can stay at for the national park. 

5. Duration

The amount of time that you are planning on staying there will also be a deciding factor when you are looking for a place to stay.

6. Time of year

The time of year when you choose to visit Mount Kinabalu also plays a role when choosing a place to stay. Some places may only be open depending on the time of the year. 

Best Places to stay in Kinabalu off the Mountain

  • Kinabalu Poring Vacation Lodge
  • Rocky Mountain Lodge
  • Wind Valley Farm stays
  • Kupi-Kupi and Stay
  • Dreamworld Resort 

Best places to Stay on Mount Kinabalu

If you are a lover of hiking and are thinking of taking the hike up Mt. Kinabalu, you will need a place to stay overnight. Below, we list some of the best places to stay overnight during your hike.

  • Laban Rata Rest House
  • Pendant Hut
  • Lemaing Hut
  • The Hill lodge
  • The Peak Lodge

The Bottom Line.

There are plenty of places to stay near Mount Kinabalu but not all of them will be suitable for what you want. We have listed some of our favourite places to stay below. All these choices are very good and should suit any kind of group size.