5 Fun Facts about Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia) is the highest mountain peak. Located in Sabah state, it is also known as Borneo’s ‘roof of Asia’. This majestic peak stands at 2,462 metres above sea level (8,101 ft). This is a popular tourist destination, especially during March or April when it hosts the annual Kinabatangan River Festival. The festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe who come to witness its colorful cultural activities such as dancing, song and dance performances, food stalls, and workshops. Are you intrigued by climbing Mount Kinabalu? Or maybe you want to explore some lesser-known facts about this iconic peak in Malaysia? Read on for 5 fun facts about Mount Kinabalu.

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia                                                      Fun Facts about Mount Kinabalu

The first fun fact about Mount Kinabalu is that the National Park is located deep within Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, and it’s home to one of the most famous peaks in all of Southeast Asia: Mount Kinabalu (4,095 metres). It’s so high that Mount Kinabalu is taller than the tallest mountains in Europe! But don’t worry – Mount Kinabalu is not the highest peak in the country; that distinction belongs to Gunung Api. The park covers an area of 3,871 square kilometers and contains over 1,200 plant species, 400 types of birds, 600 different kinds of trees and many other animals.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu requires a lot of patience

The first step towards climbing Mount Kinabalu is buying a ticket. There are two ways to go up Mount Kinabalu — either you can buy your ticket from KTM or Tenom, or you can go independently. Both routes require a similar amount of time – eight hours each way for climbers who take buses from Kota Kinabalu.

However, if you do choose to climb the mountain independently, make sure you have enough water and food. Most people choose to carry as much as they think they will need at least three days before leaving. Climbers should also bring warm clothes since it gets cold at night despite being close to the equator. And if you like to camp, make sure you pack everything you might need for that too.

You can see a view of Mount Kinabalu from space!

NASA has been keeping track of Mount Kinabalu NASA’s Terra satellites since 1998. On June 7, 2012, scientists observed Mount Kinabalu using MODIS sensors while looking straight down onto the peak through a process called ‘synthetic aperture radar imaging. Scientists were able to use this type of instrumentation because the area where the summit rises above sea level is near Indonesia, making it visible even when other parts of the planet are hidden under clouds.

Mount Kinabalu means ‘the top of the ball’ in the local Malay dialect

Mount Kinabalu was named after Tunkin, the last ruler of Kapitan Hulu Selatan, a small state which covered the land now occupied by the national park. The British explorer William Edward Malcolm, who surveyed the region during the 1890s, wrote about the name of the mountain, reporting that locals said it meant “top of the ball” or “where the sun goes”.

Malcolm also noted that the natives used another word for Mount Kinabalu: Batutai. This may mean “giant”, although there is no known connection between the name and size of the mountain. As early as 1911, people began referring to Mount Kinabalu as “Batuhay” or “Bathay”, meaning “great” or “large”. When World War II broke out, Japanese troops used the term “Sabah-to” to describe their campaign against Allied forces in the Philippines. However, after the war, General Douglas MacArthur banned the use of any term containing “Sabah” since he did not want the Filipinos to associate the term with his former enemy. Therefore, the name Mount Kinabalu stuck around. Today, some Malaysians still use the terms “Batuhay” and “Tungal” to refer to Mount Kinabalu.

Getting to Mount Kinabalu takes 2 days

To get to Mount Kinabalu, you must travel by bus or helicopter. If you plan on taking the bus, then most travellers arrive in Sabah via the North Borneo Railway system, departing from Sandakan. It is possible to reach the base station for the train in Labuan, a town on the island of Borneo. From here, it is 1 hour by a boat ride to Ranau, the nearest town to Mt. Kinabalu National Park.

The Bottom Line.

Mount Kinabalu is a huge attraction in Southeast Asia as well as one of the best things to do in Sabah. We hope you have enjoyed going through the fun facts about Mount Kinabalu. We also recommend that you check out free casino games .